Everyone gets a Tranquility!

I was wondering something, and I want your opinions.

Currently we have Tranquility as a powerful Class Skill healing cooldown. All druids can pop Tranquility to help on heals if needed. But the same is not true about our other roles.

I think it might be an improvement for Druid design in MoP if the other specs got a powerful, long cooldown similar to Tranquility, because it would make the hybrid flavor easier to design.

Lets imagine 3 new Class Skills:



29 energy

8 min Cooldown

Increases Melee damage of 5 nearby allies with lower attack power. Lasts 8 sec.



29% of base mana

8 min Cooldown

Increases Spell damage of 5 nearby allies with lower spellpower. Lasts 8 sec.



29 Rage

8 min Cooldown

Reduces damage taken of 5 nearby allies with lowest health. Lasts 8 sec.


Now, imagine Dream of Cenarius (people, this is just an example!) like this:


Dream of Cenarius

Frenzy and Trance increase your healing done by 30% for 10 sec.

Territoriality and Tranquility increase your damage done by 30% for 10 sec.

Oh, so nice of you! You just stopped healing to help up burning the boss! Here, take some 30% healing boost with you.

Does it make sense? Do you think it would be a reasonable hybrid talent?

What would you do?



3 comments on “Everyone gets a Tranquility!

  1. First thing I think of: WARNING! WARNING! NERFBAT INCOMING!!! 😛

    In all seriousness, it has been argued that the ability of Spriests and Boomies to assist with healing on certain encounters is OP. For example, on Spine, I allow my guild to two heal by using Tranq during the second Nuke phase. This would only worsen the problem. Territoriality has a precedent in Divine Guardian and the t13 4pc, but considering that Divine Guardian is being taken away from Pallies, it probably isn’t a good comparison. HOWEVER.

    I could see this as Talent design.

    Worries here: we don’t want to take away a signature cooldown from Resto. Thus, Tranq would remain as is.

    However, lets have a tier similar to what you proposed. I can’t think of any good mechanics right now, but here are some names until I do. As previously discussed, wipe out one of the CC tiers for this one.

    Ursoc’s Power.
    Tortolla’s Endurance.
    Cenarius’s Blessing.

    I could see the following types of choice to be made. In no particular order, CD vs. Passive, benefit for oneself vs. smaller one for the whole raid, and damage reduction vs. healing increase. Perhaps link a +dmg increase to Tranq? I.e. while Tranq is being channeled everyone else gets a 20% dmg increase? If other people think that works, I’d put it with Cenarius’s blessing. I’d see Tortolla’s Endurance as a passive, and Ursoc’s Power as perhaps extending the benefits of Might of Ursoc, along with perhaps a nice DPS buff, to everyone. I dunno. Maybe something like Mass Spell Reflect, except Mass Barkskin? This needs more thought.

    What worries me about THIS design though is that it could lead to stacking three druids, one for each talent. Either that, or it becomes Heroism and they have to give it to more classes to keep it balanced.

    On an unrelated note: new idea for a CC ability to replace Faerie Swarm, a talent which I simply haven’t liked:
    Insect Swarm. 1 min CD. 35 yard range. Surrounds the target in a cloud of biting insects, causing them to be stunned for 6 seconds as they attempt to drive them off.

  2. Making the new Tranquility-like spells into talents would have some issues: Tranquility would be even more powerful with a dual effect; the other 3 specs would have a “main hole enhancer” (sorta, since you will channel to buff others that share your role) while Resto Druids would only be able to use it as off-role enhancer; etc.

    I don’t think it would make raids stack druids, since it works just like Tranq: it is not raid wide like Heroism, and affects only the 5 allies that need it the most.

    These were designed as Class Skills with the direct objective of allowing off-role performance in a way that non-resto Druids already accept as viable: channeling Tranquility. By giving a “spec-related” Tranquility-like spell, a Hybrid talent could be designed to benefit whoever uses them, like the DoC version I provided.


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