I like to move it move it! MOVE IT!

First of all, sorry about the follow up from my last entry. It is still on the oven. I’ve already worked the data, and yes, Druids are not versatile at all compared to pallies and monks. But I’ll give you proof in a week, tops.

Now for today’s entertainment I decided to give another try on the MoP Talents. As the name of this post suggests, my motivation was to experiment the relocation of our shapeshifting tier to somewhere else besides Tier 6.

While we feel like this to move it move it…

… Blizz is like that:

You know what? Blizz probably has a good reason to do so. Blizz probably was told, on that last huge survey, by many many players, that Druids wanted to change roles during combat.

How it got implemented, however, is the main issue. I agree with most of my Druid comrades that a final tier HAS to affect your main role. It would be terribly weird if it doesn’t. And to be quite honest, the way Blizz gave up and altered her original design intent was not elegant in my modest opinion. Looks like Blizz just cracked under pressure.

Blizzard hybridized the hybrid tier.

I mean, now Tier 6 is a mix between off-role and on-role performance.

… Seriously? To get HotW and forget it exists just because of the passive output boost?

As many of us Druids have suggested on the forums (for quite a while now) I have reverted back the shapeshift tier to just off-role performance and relocated it. This is how things look now:

Tier 1: Cat – Movement
Tier 2: Caster – Survivability
Tier 3: Bear – CC
Tier 4: Moonkin – Management
Tier 5: Shapeshifting – off role performance only
Tier 6: Get one cool thing from one of the old 3 specs and give it to all druids.

And, of course, the link to the talent grid so you can check the details and all the nice icons I took forever to choose. 🙂

(Thanks again Longwritter for building it!)

As usual, your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!

– Fakegamedesigner


One comment on “I like to move it move it! MOVE IT!

  1. I like your design way more than what Blizz is giving us. Equinox + CA/SFall seems very fun, and Solstice as well. I like the new Tier 5, although DoC might be a problem for Moonkins, as their dps would be balanced to be in melee range (although it could be interesting for PvP). HotW would have to provide comparable melee dps increase if it wants to be a viable option against the Vigil for Moonkin.

    The problem I see is I feel we’re way past the designing phase in Beta, and Blizz doesn’t seem to think that our talent design is flawed. I’m really at the point that I just don’t care giving Blizz more feedback as it just seems to go to deaf ears.
    – We still have a lot of problems on Tier 1 – 5, and everyone is just giving feedback on Tier 6.
    – Cenarion’s Ward and Bash are just too boring one-dimensional talents, and don’t get me started on Balance Incarnation…
    – Moonkin rotation is way too boring. We’ve gotten 0 replies on what happen to Insect Swarm and Thorns, and we need additional mechanical spells (mobility/execute)

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