Mechanic or Resource?

As, one might have noticed by now, I am a big enthusiast of discussing things. I adore to deeply reflect about what someone just said, think of the argument’s strengths and explain perceived flaws. I love to receive counter-arguments and further explanation on something I wasn’t quite able to grasp. Maybe it is because my scientist formation brainwashed me to dig this kinda thing, maybe I am just weird. 😉

Something that got my gaze lately was the two different ways people address to Eclipse, that little blue and yellow bar that moonkins stare like perverts. I believe any reader is already quite familiar with it, but just to emphasize, this bar allow us to proc Lunar and Solar Eclipses. During said procs, our damage is increased, a lot.

The most common term I see being used to describe Eclipse is “RESOURCE”. So far,
I disagree with this common usage. While Eclipse uses “energy” to move the pointer and attune you to the powers of An’she or Elune, I don’t think that this energy is in no way close to it’s Rogue homonymous.

Why? Well, because I believe a resource is something you SPEND. Rogues spend energy to use their skills. We do not spend Eclipse Energy on anything at all.

So, Fakegamedesigner, how do you see Eclipse?

To me, it is a MECHANIC. Pretty much like our Rogue friend’s Combo Points. Combo points are no cost to perform finishing moves, but they empower finishing moves.

But the line between Resources and Mechanics is not always that clear. OMG, Death Knights of course. Do they have 2 resources, since both runes and runic power act as costs to their skills? Or are runes simply a way to unlock their moves, hence being a mechanic?

What about Pallies with both Mana and Holy Power? In this particular case, I believe that it is indeed a dual Resource system.

Well… Mad Scientist white lab coat on, lets go back to Eclipse a bit.

People right now complain about how MoP moonkin rotation seems dull. You pretty much cast a DoT, one of your nukes, proc Eclipse, cast another (kinda, it is the same with different color and kind of damage) DoT and cast your other nuke till next Eclipse. Maybe add Starfall in both ends.


As a mean give us more control over Eclipse and to make it a little more exciting, GC announced Astral Communion, a brand new spell that allows you to channel and gain up to 100 Eclipse Energy.

Arguably, it gives us more to think about during combat, and most importantly, might serve as a tool to control Dps burst. There is no cooldown currently, so we can start fights in Eclipse, and during fights if we botch at timing Eclipse right, we just stop nuking and channel Astral Communion for 5 sec tops until we reach Eclipse.

Seems cool. Might lead to weird minmaxing, but let the theorycrafters think about that.

What I see is a shinny, yummy, almost indecent Eclipse Energy power plant. So, what to do with this Eclipse Energy battery besides fixing a screwed timing?



Ok, back to normality *ahem*.

We still have other issues besides control over Eclipse procs. As an incredibly obvious example, the closest thing to a movement dps tool we ever got was Lunar Shower.

What I have growing inside my greenhouse outside the Lab are:

Yup, it is from Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. If you remember this cartoon, dude, you are old.

You know what? If you remember the name of the bad guy growing on the vase you get a cookie.

Time is up. SAW BOSS!!!

Now back to my beloved evil creations.


Dps while moving:


Celestial Arch

Cost: 20 Eclipse Energy
You can cast Wrath and Starfire while moving for 5 sec.



Survivability problems?


Cosmic Warden
Cost: 35 Eclipse Energy
Increase Moonkin Form damage reduction by 15% and prevents spell interruption.



It would address two major problems, it would involve an interesting decision (Can I afford loosing that much Eclipse Energy?) and would give us more to do and to manage in our dull rotation.

If anything gets wrong, there is always our new Astral Communion to recharge us up!

Just a mechanic? Or both Mechanic and Resource?


What would you do?



5 comments on “Mechanic or Resource?

  1. Yes, right now its just a mechanic forcing you to alternate spells. Kinda like the ideas, what about:

    Insect Swarm
    Costs 30 energy
    Increases your critical strike by 100% on the target for 5 seconds if below 25% health.

    Right now its just a energy -> dps mechanic. It would be more interesting if you had effects on spells where you could choose between:
    energy -> long term dps (Wrath/SF)
    energy -> burst dps / lower long term dps (New Spell)
    energy -> survivability (Your Cosmic Warden)
    energy -> mobility (Your Celestial Arch)

  2. I think that the 5 sec in your suggestion would be ok for PvP, since 5 sec is a pretty reasonable time to finish players off, but could get repeatable and annoying in boss fights, where the remaining 25% take muuuuch longer than 5 sec to go down.

    The possibilities are many. In fact, if the Devs had bite the idea of differentiating the Eclipses, I would suggest effects that costed EITHER Solar or Lunar Eclipse energy. Cosmic Warden costed 30 Lunar energy originally.

    One could say “but we need survivability no matter which Eclipse we are. It just exposes that we have no way to change eclipses enough. And this is fine, IF both Eclipses are designed to be equal.

    Therefore, I changed the cost from Lunar Energy to any Eclipse Energy.

    • Yeah, I’ve posted on the Beta Forums about each Eclipse needing a unique feel, nothing game breaking, just something where you feel summoning Nature different than casting Arcane, but everyone is more concerned (as they should) for our mobile dps problems.

      • Yeah, it is understandable.

        But all things considered, I think Astral Communion has a good chance to address pre-fight charging, eclipse management and consequentially burst dps, all at the same time.

        With those things addressed, dps while movement actually seems minor. It should be addressed anyways, but I am happy that those were addressed first.

        If we have enough Beta time to get to our movement and survivability, it will be 100 victory.

        But sadly, the Eclipses will remain the same. Everything points to that. 😦

  3. Yeah, but it would be so easy… They already made a Languish proc for one of our Tier sets. They just need to create another one =(

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