Here is fakegamedesign!

Hey guys. My name is Bruno, and I’ll introduce you to the fakegamedesign blog!

The name is plain straight forward. I am no game designer, but as an addict to World of Warcraft and tabletop RPGs, I’ve always wished I could tinker with the game rules a little bit. I hope to find readers who feel the same way and unleash our collective creative efforts!

If this blog works as I planned, it will be a fire starter on healthy and constructive discussions about game design. We might not work for game companies, but we do play their products, and with a little luck and time I certainly hope to make gamers and game companies to understand each other more and more.

It is hard to simply nod and swallow game design decisions we don’t understand, decisions who were a result of a process we also don’t fully participate or comprehend. In this matter, I’m currently reading some books about game design to act as a devil’s advocate. But rest assured that my opinions will always be of a passionate gamer who wish he had the steering wheel for a minute.

I hope we accomplish great things together, even if it’s unlikely they will ever see daylight. It holds incredible importance, however, to express how we feel about things. It is the first step to make our opinions heard and to change the world.

Even a virtual world. 😉

Hope to hear a lot from you all.

– Fakegamedesigner