Hey peeps! Long time no see!

I also got caught on the Symbiosis hype that is trending in WoW Forums and blogs. Hands on the steering wheel, foot on the gas, here we go!

At first, I think it is pretty clear to assume everyone knows Symbiosis will be a pain for everyone in raids. Raid leaders will have a nightmarish time if they decide to meddle in the distribution, druids will get poked one million times if they can provide anything too interesting for someone, and of course people will compete each other for the skill traded.

So, the first thing I addressed on this experiment in Symbiosis was to make it easily accepted. The way I did that was to make Symbiosis buff a class skill instead of trading them. If it enhances something that every spec uses, and something they ALREADY use in a regular basis, there is no drama. They will be happy to be made a bit stronger, and don’t have to worry about something new on their bars.

Second, getting a semi-useless utility SUCKS. Common, getting Mirror Image at level 87, while mages get it on lvl 47? Really?

“Oh, but you get 10 skills, not just one.”

10 times zero equals zero, in my opinion. Ok, maybe I’m overreacting, since Moonkins really got the short end of the stick when it comes to Symbiosis. But I believe we can make sure we get spells that are more druidish, that really feel they are the product of a symbiotic relationship between the 2 classes.

Sadly, I had not enough time to fully fill the skill chart. It opens, however, a nice opportunity for us to exercise creativity! What would you do? You already know the rules:

1)      The other class gets on of its spells/skills enhanced. Notice that the Symbiosis is determined by class instead of spec, so choose spells/skills that all specs uses.

2)      The Druid gets a skill that is related with the skill the other class got enhanced. As an example, in the symbiotic relationship between DKs and Druids, they get their Ghoul traded by a Corrupted Treant, that is stronget and can heal the DK. Meanwhile, we gain the skill to summon an “Army of Fungus”. It imitates Army of the Dead, but it uses the fungoid humanoids like the ones we find inside Underbog, and they have skills that fit your role (an Army of Fungus of a Resto Druid would randomly cast weak heals like crazy, as an example).

3) Each skill gained by the druid should feel as powerful as the other lvl 87 skills that other classes gain.

Please notice that there is no strong obligation: Raise Dead is about dealing with a ghoul, Army of the Dead is about having many. But it is all about ghouls anyways, so it fits. Plus, fungus and decaying things fit well together, so (at least for me) the results of Symbiosis feel… well… natural.

Here it goes!




Death Knight Gets

Corrupted Treant

Ghoul is replaced by Corrupted Treant, which is stronger than regular ghoul and heals the Death Knight.

Druid Gets

Army of Fungus

Summons shit ton of Underbog Lurker-like mobs.

Hunter Gets

Ancient Companion

Pet gets Ancient form that makes it stronger.

Druid Gets

Tame Spirits

Druids can tame Spirits, Elementals and similar (tamed elemental or spirit vanishes if killed or if the Symbiosis ends).

Mage Gets


Replaces Blink. If the Mage takes a Byway through the Dream, his mana is fully replenished.

Druid Gets

Teleport: Emerald Dream

The druid briefly (2 sec) enters the Emerald Dream, instantly recovering 30% life and mana (pretty much like Heroic Will).

Monk Gets

Living Statues

Instead of stones statues, you summon Ancient Animal Spirits that have stronger effects and can be moved to new locations.

Druid Gets

Feng Shui

The Druid can place Trees that alter the flow of energy in battle. Bamboo Tree drastically reduces threat of nearby allies (Guardian). Peach Tree removes all diseases, curses, venoms and magical effects when clicked (Resto). Sakura Tree doubles movement speed when clicked (Feral). Chrysanthemum blossoms increase effects of potions, brews and teas on nearby allies (Balance).

Paladin Gets



Druid Gets



Priest Gets


Replaces Levitate. Targets of Soar can cast while moving. Also if cast on himself, the Priest can move freely through the air.

Druid Gets



Rogues Gets

Insect Toxins

Your poisons works on your ranged skills.

Druid Gets


Your periodic effects also have Neurotoxins (slower nerve response – bigger cooldowns), Necrotoxins (kills tissue – bigger periodic damage), Hemotoxins (numbness – reduces damage taken) and Mycotoxins (catalyst – increases spell damage taken), deppending on spec.

Shaman Gets



Druid Gets



Warlock Gets

Nightmare Knowledge

Your Healthstones also provide 10% mana.

Druid Gets

Fel Seeds

The druid can conjure Fel Seeds that change the % of health and Mana, Rage, Energy, Focus, Runic Power, etc on use.

Warrior Gets


Your shouts and howls lasts 30% longer.

Druid Gets

Furious Roar

Increases the druid’s attacking and casting speed by 20% for 10 sec.

So, what do you think? I would love to hear feedback from this attempt, suggestions for the blank spots and for alterations, and brand new ideas for the spell!

If it was up to you, what would you do?